Join us for our Annual Free Networking Day

Sunday February 14th Ride On is excited to announce that we will be hosting our annual free Networking Day on Feb 14th, virtually of course! Join us for some educational and inspiring presentations and discussions, gain some Continuing Education Hours and catch up with your peers!

We will be posting supporting materials online the week prior to the Networking Day to give you the chance to view and will then have Zoom breakout rooms for each presentation on Feb 14 which you are welcome to join and leave as you please. (We also know it's Valentines Day so we will be sure to get done with plenty of time for any romantics amongst us!) Presentations will include:

  • Let’s Ride Intro Tests! - Join us in deconstructing the USDF Introductory level tests. We will work through each one (A, B and C) to get your riders show ready! Also a great skill set for your regular lessons.
  • Fun Games for the Advanced Rider - We will share some fun and exciting games. Bring some of yours along as well for collaboration. Games that are adaptable to all riders encouraged.
  • Lunge Lesson Progression - We will be showing effective lunge lessons of riders at different levels of skill. We will breakdown the process of how to progress your rider to the next level and what you should be looking for.
  • Takeaways from Sleepaway Camps - How to bring the experiences from teaching and managing campers to your regular lessons.
  • Matching Horses and Riders - A discussion on matching riders to horses to set your lessons up for success.
  • Benefits of Unmounted Activities for Riders - We will discuss the benefits and importance of incorporating common unmounted activities. Presented from a physical therapist's point of view.
  • Introduction to Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism Spectrum Disorder- Presented by a physical therapist. Understand the pathophysiology, benefits of equine movement for riding, and tips to keep in mind during an intake lesson.
  • Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say! - We’ll take a look at the latest recommendations on Optimal Terminology for services that incorporate horses to benefit people. Whether you work in horsemanship, learning or therapy being clear and concise in your message is essential. We will review the recently published paper and answer your questions about terminology.
  • Understanding the New CTRI Process – We will help you understand the new PATH certification, your PATH membership options and your Continuing Education requirements.
  • Strategy for a Post-Covid World - A crisis is a great time to check your strategic goals; it sometimes makes it easier to address stagnant programming or office dysfunction. If you’re reading this you’ve likely survived the worst of the Covid-19 economic impacts and now is a good time to look up from the barn and gaze over the horizon for opportunities and threats coming your way… Take a few minutes to focus on the long term and make sure your strategic goals make sense in a post-Covid economy or contemplate how they need to be tweaked or tossed.

  • Please RSVP to Sara Jones if you would like to participate and we will then share the links to the pre-Networking Day materials/content and the Zoom invitation for Feb 14th. We can’t wait to virtually see you all!

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